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My Elevator Pitch

Being a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 has been a wonderful experience for me, and my business, not only because I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting my excellent co-finalists and the outstanding team at EY, but because of the process itself. It has demanded of me the ability to parse and present succinctly the business journey I embarked on and the shape and future of Louise Kennedy. The process has helped me see my business in a new and exciting light.  I’m better prepared to express my vision for the company than I have ever been. If I had less than 15 seconds to do so – traditionally the time it takes to deliver an “elevator pitch”, though it must have been timed in an American lift, not an Irish one, where you might only have 4 seconds to state your case before you got to the third or fourth floor – I feel sure I could do it.

A Different Sort of Elevator Pitch

I’m quite sure I’m preaching to the converted here, when I make a different sort of “elevator pitch” to you – the suggestion that the busy professional or businesswoman’s wardrobe needs just a handful of pieces with transformative qualities. These “elevator pieces” literally “lift” or “elevate” the black dress you wore in court that day or the jacket and trousers you wore to a board meeting, making you look and feel glamorous for a post-work dinner or event.
I’m thrilled that, this season, our own jewellery has become an intrinsic part of the collection: adding a piece is an effortless way to slip from Desk to Dinner, no matter what city I find myself in.

Our Maia Cape featured in The Gloss Magazine’s October fashion story – In The Blink of An Eye – about using a few clever styling tricks to go from Desk to Dinner.

The Kaia black Linton tweed coat is a classic elevator piece. Throw it over your shoulders, with a great necklace and any black dress or trousers – chic and easy.

A great tailored black blazer with detailing is indispensable. Even over plain black trousers and a tee or sweater, it looks smart and elegant. This is the LouLou.