One of the pleasures of our business is getting to know our clients. So we know you are well-travelled, often browsing for gifts in London, New York, or Paris, and that you appreciate the finer things in life. The same goes for your mum, sisters, girlfriends and your female colleagues in business. So it's quite a challenge, every year, to find beautiful gifts, that we feel you will both love and love to give. This year, as well as signature pieces by L'Objet - gorgeous bookends, crystal and porcelain - we have divine plates, coasters, cocktail accessories and candlesticks by Anna by RabLabs, below, a New York company which fuses ancient, precious materials with cutting-edge designs for the home.

 Please do visit us at 56 Merrion Square to fully appreciate these gorgeous homewares in situ. And while you are here, you can discover the Kennedy tote collection in all its glorious colours, including festive, fabulous purple.



This year, we added other new accessories to the collection. Wraps, laser-cut with pretty leaves of coloured suede, elevate the simplest outfit. Also available in festive red, midnight and rich purple.


 As well as our own accessories collection, we also have a gorgeous range of chunky knitwear, available in purple, turquoise, red, soft navy and jet black. These are so versatile and one of my favourite pieces when travelling with our cropped flared 'Piper' trousers or equally with our 'Marni' embellished trousers, top, for an evening option.

And don't forget our signature scent, packed with white jasmine and rose de mai, reminding us that if Christmas is coming, spring cannot be far behind.